Ger and Deb - Wedding at Manor By The Lake, Cheltenham

Update: Part 2 of the images now uploaded, below.


Last weekend I was an usher for one of my oldest friends, Geraint, and his new wife, Debbie. Of course I took the Fuji X100S with me to get some candid pre-wedding snaps, along with my new X-T10 with the 60mm lens to test out during the rest of the day.

The first of four weddings I'm attending this year, and what a way to kick them off. It took place at the Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham - a beautiful Victorian manor with great views, lovely grounds, lavish rooms, and even a 'Rock Bar' for us guys to have pre-wedding (and end-of-night) drinks in - seriously, what an impressive place to get married!

The morning of the wedding - I've never seen someone go from being so calm and relaxed to so nervous in a matter of seconds... like, white-as-a-sheet the-big-day-is-finally-here nerves (a shame I couldn't get a picture of the sweat patches. Sorry Ger!). It's also the first time I've witnessed someone having to redo their vows because they read them too fast. It's little moments like these that make me love weddings. That, and all the drinks.

It was an awesome wedding, a great weekend, and I can't wait for this pair to move back to Wales.

Congratulations to Ger and Debs (and thanks again for the Brecon gin!).

Updated: Part 2