A Slice of Life... with Jasmine and Dylan | Port Talbot Family Photography | Aberavon Beach

I'm really pleased to share this selection of photos from a secret 'A Slice of Life' session that took place a few months ago. Kristy wanted to take her niece and nephew, Jasmine and Dylan, to the beach one sunny day back in October so she could give her brother and his wife some nice framed prints of their kids for Christmas. 

So the 4 of us, along with Kristy's mum Julie, headed to Aberavon beach for the afternoon to make sandcastles and play on the concrete penguins and giant whale (the kids, not me!), finishing up in Cafe Remo's for ice cream... where Port Talbot's own Michael Sheen was sitting just behind us enjoying a Sunday lunch!

You can't go wrong with a day at the beach!