A Slice of Life... with Nick, Sarah, Jasmine - Swansea newborn and family photography

I'm pleased to share a selection of images from the last Slice of Life session of 2016 with Nick, Sarah, 8 week old Jasmine, and more of their close family members.

It took place in the family home in Swansea less than a week before Christmas and with so many there and with the newborns and kids running around (and even the adults) it was a bit chaotic... but that kind of stuff makes for the best pictures! :)

Nick and Sarah work and live abroad and only get together with their family once a year, so to be asked to capture them all together for a few hours was a real honour.

If you would like me to document a slice of life with your family then please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoy this set.