Photos from Design Swansea Meetup #17: Christmas Quiz & Sketch Challenge!

Last night was the Design Swansea meet-up #17 - a Christmas Quiz and Sketch Challenge! It was great to get involved and meet a load of new people, and it seemed like everyone had a great time. A cracking way to kick off the Christmas season!

After the first round of Guess the Christmas Advert, we moved on to Christmas tree making... so funny seeing a bunch of 20 and 30+ year olds get so excited about some Play-Doh! The girls were awesome at this, whereas our team's blue Christmas tree was utterly dire... and my angel on top looked more like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Then it was on to the Sketch Challenge, with the theme being Donald Trump and the person with the best sketch winning tickets to Cinema & Co. Some of the sketches were incredibly realistic and artistic; while others thought outside the box and others were simply true to life; namely the Grinch, a pig with a wig, and even a giant poo!

So another successful meetup for Design Swansea. For anyone who may be interested in attending the next event, it is scheduled for February 2nd 2017 but please visit for more information.